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dimanche 24 avril 2016

Album de la Semaine : Tales of Murder and Dust - The Flow In Between

Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

Interview de Tales of Murder and Dust, par Tomatrax

When and how did the band form?
Four of us met in high-school in the North of Denmark in 2003 and started playing together in different constellations. After high-school we relocated the band to Aarhus and in 2007 Kasper and Kathrine joined and completed our current constellation.
Where did the name Tales of Murder and Dust come from?
The name emerged in a period when we were playing a lot of Ennio Morricone and surf-inspired music. We wanted to find a name reflecting our filmic soundscapes and after sitting down talking back and forth the name just sort of appeared.
Your album combines a number of styles and sounds, was it hard to get the different sounds to work together?
We have definitely put a lot of work into this aspect of our music. Giving we are a 6-piece band and everyone has different inspirations it’s only natural that the music pulls in different directions. Our approach to building up the sound has been to try out a lot of different things on each song. Some things work better than others and these are the things that have survived in the three year long process of making the album.
You named the album Hallucination of beauty, was it the intention for listeners to hallucinate when listening to the album?
This was not originally the intention but as the album has come out it does offer the opportunity to do so. We believe the title encapsulates the songs and the feeling of the album very well. The word “Hallucination” holds a certain negative quality, which is elaborated in the title of the first song on the album – “The Disillusion”. But also a positive aspect, in the sense of freedom that comes with not being under the same illusions anymore.
What was the inspiration behind the video for Hypnotized Narcissist?
Actually all the videos you can find on the web have been made by fans. Our fans have been a great help in communicating the music around and it’s because of this viral spread people all over the world know of our music. All we’ve done is to put the music out there.
A six-piece is quite a large size for a band, is it hard for everyone to work together?
The biggest problem with being a large band is the practical things like transport to gigs and finding time where we are all available to rehearse, since we all study or work on the side. We have developed a good way of working together without any major problems. The two songwriters take a sketch of a song, more or less finished, to the rehearsal space and we all give inputs and ideas to the shape and the sound.
Given you’re from Denmark, why do you sing in English?
Just about all the bands we are inspired by sing in English, so this was just what felt most natural.
When writing what comes first, the lyrics or the music?
It depends on who has written the song. With Kristoffer it can be either way and with Christian it is always the music. It mostly starts with an idea of a mood or a feeling, then the music develops and then the words adapt to the ambience of the song.
We don’t get to hear much music from Denmark in Australia, what is the music scene like over there?
The most dominant genre in the Danish scene is indie/synth-rock/pop and right now Dance-hall for some strange reason. The biggest export successes of Danish music that holds some quality would be Raveonettes and Efterklang. There are a lot of genres represented in the underground, but the psychedelic scene in Denmark is pretty much non-existent. Although there are a few great bands like “Get Your Gun” and “The Woken Trees”.
Do you ever listen to your own music?Occasionally, but it is hard to listen to it and enjoy it, without thinking about what we could have done better or coming across details we would like to have changed.
What music do you listen to?
The bands that have had the most influence on our sound and songwriting are The Velvet Underground, Blue Angel Lounge and The Black Angels. Every one in the band has different preferences but we can all agree on listening to anything Neo-pscyhedelic and Shoegaze.
What does Tales of Murder and Dust have planned for 2013?
We have just come out of the studio recording what will become an EP set to be released in the spring of 2013. We’ve made an EP instead of full album to try out different genres and directions for our sound. Also the Vinyl edition of “HOB” will be released mid-January and is available for pre-sale now. Other than that we have a small tour in Greece on February 7-9and other gigs in Denmark during Spring and Summer. And of course we will also be writing material for the second full-length album.
Line Up :
Christian Sinding Søndergaard 
Kristoffer Vilsgaard 
Simon Toftdahl Olesen 
Jacob Korsgaard Jensen 
Stine Kloster

Label :
Fuzz Club

Tracklist :
01 – Tidal Waves
02 – Black Reflections
03 – The Devil Is A Poet
04 – Mirror
05 – Sisters
06 – Distored Ways
07 – Endless Repetition

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