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dimanche 21 mai 2017

Album de la Semaine


Pourquoi Agapes?

The agapes are in Catholicism, in Freemasonry, the meals shared by the practitioners after the rituals. They celebrate their beliefs, discuss ideas, debate while drinking and eating what is layed down in front of their eyes. They feed themselves with both terrestrial and spiritual things.
To us, this is music.
To us, the word « agapes » doesn’t belong to the religious sphere and we gladly take thi...s word for ourselves.
To us, knowledge, of the world and of ourselves, is the key to truth, empathy and freedom. It must not belong to a religion, a government, a company.
We are Agapes.

Line Up :
Thomas Souriau - Vocals
Thibaut Doncker - Bass
Antonia Philippon - Drums

Label :
Third Coming Records

Tracklist :
The Believer
Faraway God
Only the Will
Here He Comes
Last Storm
Black Groove (like stars in bright day)
Dancing By the Moonlight
The Streets of Shenzhen

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