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dimanche 6 mars 2016

Album de la Semaine : Kokomo - Monochrome Noise Love

Monochrome Noise Love

Interview de Kokomo, par Post-Rock

P-RHow did Kokomo started as a band? Have you guys played in other bands before and if so, what genre of music was it?
Oliver: We started playing together in April 2008 after the old bands of us disbanded. At this time Rene and I were really in to instrumental music and had started to set up post-rock shows in our hometown Duisburg. Benni and Tobias joined in after their former folk band called it quits. Soon some songs evolved and we named the band Kokomo.
P-RHow did you come up with the name for the band and what does it mean?
Oliver: It is taken from a novel called “Torture The Artist” by Joey Goebel.
P-RDo you have other projects or are you fully dedicated to Kokomo?
Rene: The are no other band projects, as I know. But we started to build up a studio in our hometown, where bands like us can get a chance to record their albums. This project is quite huge and also takes a lot time and sadly a lot money as well. But all in the band are really into that project and I hope, that it will be finished in the beginning of the next year.
P-R: At next year’s Dunk!Fest you are releasing your new album via Dunk! Records. What brings new this album compared to your last two?
Rene: This is a really good question and I think that we ourselves are the most interested in giving an answer to that question, but at least, the album is not written and recorded yet, so I really can’t say what it is going to sound like. But I think this time, we gonna try to get a bit deeper. I don’t mean the tuning, which is deeper as well. What I’m talking about is the way to write these songs and regarding all the details. Everything just needs to fit together.
P-RI haven’t seen any official videos from Kokomo. Do you have in plan to release one with the new album or are you just not interested in having a music video?
Rene: Well, I would not say, that we are not interested in having a music video, its more the problem, that we’re already so busy with writing songs and touring around, besides our work and university, that its almost very hard to start even more projects. But if anyone would be interested in doing a video with us … By the way, I’m also very into that youtube-video, in which somebody put a song from our first album together with a clip from a Russian football match.
P-RYou have a song called Arcade Romania, can you please tell us the story behind that track? Is it related to your trip in Romania for the concert you held here almost three years ago?
Rene: Yes it is. When we came to Romania three years ago, we were very excited and got very childish. We were on the road with our van and Oliver was driving. There were massive holes in the road and we started to count the holes he droves through, so it becomes kind of a video game. The shows which we played in Romania were one of the most emotional ones for us, so we decided to name one of our songs after that country, which really means a lot to all of us.
P-R: Do you have in plan an East-European tour in the near future, promoting the new album?
Oliver: March or April!
P-RDo you mind being considered an underground band, playing small venues? Or would you rather live “the rock star dream”?
Rene: I would definitely prefer the small venues and being an underground band, if you can say so. The scene and all the people, putting their passion and love in several projects, and getting in touch with these scene and even take a small part in it, is the best drive a band like us could have. I think, there is only this wish to drive in night liner to one show … A show in venue for 20 people.
P-RWhat are your plans with Kokomo in the future?
Tobias: Living the rock star dream!

Line Up :
Oliver Ludley 
Rene Schwenk 
Tobias Stieler 
Benjamin Hellig 
Ansgar Koenig
Label :
Dunk Records
Tracklist :
01 – Pills And Pillows
02 – Kill The Captain, Feed The Fishes
03 – Monochrome Noise Love
04 – LichtStaub
05 – Juengling Mit Apfel
06 – Beware of Pity
07 – I Am Bill Murray
08 – I Am Not Dead
09 – Me vs. Myself
10 – Deathmaster Danger Dance

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